Maxspect Aeraqua Duo skimmer AD600

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The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo skimmer AD600 is a new generation of skimmer with a design that offers several advantages and innovations:

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Nearly silent working
The Aeraqua Duo skimmer is powered by the Maxspect Turbine Duo pump with two inlets and two outlets. As this pump uses sinusoidal wave technology, it makes the working of the Aeraqua Duo skimmer very quiet.
Two water inlets
The Aeraqua Duo has two water inlets that allow the skimmer to pump water on both sides. When one of the inlets is completely closed, the skimmer also draws water from the inside, which improves water filtration for the aquarium.
Double needle wheels
Each water inlet has two needle wheels, one rotating and the other static. This unique patented design produces small, mini-bubbles with a higher density, which greatly improve the efficiency of skimming.
Everything is integrated
The elegance and refinement of the Aeraqua Duo has been made possible through several ingenious ideas such as the hiding of the air silencer in the skimmer base plate, the integration of the air pipes and the water level control knob on the skimmer's body. This last feature allows the water level in the skimmer to be adjusted easily and precisely.

Full control of the Aeraqua Duo skimmer with Syna-G application The Aeraqua Duo skimmer can be controlled by smartphone and tablet via the SYNA-G application for iOS or Android. For this purpose, the ICV6 interface sold separately is required.

Over Flow Sensor Aeraqua Duo features an over flow sensor which can detect the water level of the collection cup and send warning signal when necessary.   Fast closing and opening The design with fast closing and opening allows the collection bucket to be removed very easily and quickly, as well as the Aeraqua Duo skimmer to be completely dismantled for maintenance, cleaning and servicing.  

Water inlets The unique design of the Aeraqua Duo allows you to choose, depending on the population of animals in the aquarium, how the water should be aspirated into the skimmer by turning the water inlets.

For an aquarium with a capacity of about 400 to 750L, with a large population of animals, it is recommended to open one water inlet at 80% and completely close the other inlet to recirculate the water in the skimmer. For an aquarium with a capacity of about 750 to 1250L, with a moderate population of animals, it is recommended to completely open one water inlet and open the other from 30% to 50% in order to pump and recirculate the water into the skimmer at the same time.

For an aquarium with a capacity of about 1250 to 1700L, with a small population, it is recommended to fully open both water inlets. However, the suggestions mentioned above are only general guidelines to help explain the use of the two water inlets. What is best for your aquarium will only be checked after carefully observing and adjusting the Aeraqua Duo.


Model AD600
Power consumption 40W
For aquariums of:  400 - 1700 Litre
Foot Print 260 × 210 mm
Height 565 mm
Water level 18-24cm
Air Intake 1,500 L/H
Water Intake 2,400L