AI Hydra 64HD LED Aquarium Light

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Introducing the HYDRA 64HD, with even more LED’s better colour mixing, wider spread, more colour, more compact, more water resistant, and more refined, all without sacrificing anything that made the 52HD, great. Aquaillumination has always listened to the feedback from hobbyist, retailers and aquaculture facilities. As time goes on, they continue to shape their lighting products to meet and exceed the expectations of the community, for better performance, greater reliability and improved ease of use, understanding that to be your first choice for aquarium lighting they must always be delivering the best value in performance, features and support. 

Improved features

• More LEDS
• More PAR
• More Spread
• Improved Optic Design
• Improved Water Resistance
• Thinner Profile
• Dedicated Moonlight Channel
• Wider Spectrum (channels)
• Easier and Faster to Connect to MyAi app 

Redesigning the plastics in the Hydra line-up has resulted in two major benefits: greater efficiency and better aesthetics. Efficiency improvements reduce the demands for active cooling resulting in longer component life, and by reducing the profile depth has enhanced the presence of the light over the aquarium.
Max Wattage - 135W
Channels - 7 (+1)
64 (+1)
Length 11.9in. (30.2cm)
Width 5.4in. (13.7cm)
Height 1.42in. (3.6cm)

Soft Coral/LPS/SPS - 30 x 30in. (75 x 75cm)
High Density SPS - 24 x 24in. (60 x 60cm)