NYOS Opus 300 Marine Aquarium

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The Nyos OPUS marine aquarium is a ready to use system that will satisfy the highest demands in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics. We were one of the first in the UK to get one on the shop floor, its become our favorite 3ft (ish) aquariums ever, the aquarium itself melts into the background, this will make any reef look like an art installation.

Like with all Nyos products we sell, we use them in our store on our reef displays, fish and coral system, so we can offer expert advice and our own experience with any Nyos products.

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Whats in the box

  • Aquarium with external overflow shaft and ultra-clear glass on three sides
  • Cabinet fully assembled, optionally in basalt grey or white
  • Pre-glued PVC plumbing
  • Sump including refill tank and mechanical auto top off system


Technical Data


Nyos OPUS 300

Aquarium dimension (L x W x H)

90 x 55 x 53 cm (35.4 x 21.7 x 20.9 in)

Aquarium volume (gross)

262 l (69 gal)

Ultra-clear glass aquarium

Front pane and both side panes

Glass thickness

10 mm (0.4 in)


OPUS Cabinet


Cabinet dimensions (L x W x H)

98 x 66 x 76 cm (38.6 x 26.0 x 29.9 in)

Available cabinet colors

White or basalt grey

Cabinet lacquered on all sides





Sump dimensions (L x W x H)

55 x 38 x 38 cm (21.7 x 15.0 x 15.0 in)

Sump water level

Ca. 21 cm (8.5 cm)

Sump volume with 21cm water level (gross)

44 l (11.6 gal)

Integrated auto top off system


Refill tank volume

6.5 l (1.7 gal)

Size of medium filter chamber (skimmer chamber) (L x W x H)

24 x 38 cm (9.4 x 15.0 in)

Size of return chamber/chamber for return pump (L x W x H)

12 x 38 cm (4.7 x 15.0 in)




Total height (cabinet plus tank)

127 cm (50 in)

Emergency overflow


Recommended return pump capacity

2000 l/h (525 gph)

Maximum overflow capacity

5000 l/h (1320 gph)

Adjustable return



We love this aquarium so much we even started a reef build video with the Nyos OPUS 300 on our YouTube Channel.